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Backcountry Packing School 


Learn how to safely and properly pack your gear and go into the backcountry in a hands-on 4 Day packing school. This course is designed to give you the basic foundation and right tools to set you up for success so you and your equine can travel the backcountry on your own, or even prepare you for a career in the packing industry. 

We value and teach proper backcountry and horsemanship skills so each experience in the mountains is the best it can be for you and your animal.

What We'll Cover

  • Catching your mule or horse

  • Bowline & prusik knot, truckers hitch

  • Setting up a highline

  • Parts of the Pack saddle

  • Saddling your mule and adjusting the saddle

  • Equipment inventory (things to take with you) & camp comforts

  • Backcountry Vet care

  • Backcountry shoeing

  • The box hitch

  • The diamond hitch

  • Stringing your mules together

  • Proper leading practices

  • Switchbacks, trail etiquette

  • Riding techniques for the trail 

The course will finish with an overnight stay where we'll set a typical camp with Leave No Trace practices. 

July 27th - 30th

Cost Per Student $1000

To reserve your spot in this course:


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