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RPO Policies

At Rainbow Pack Outfitters we put safety first, that is why we have strict policies that both staff and guests are required to follow. We pride ourselves in having some of the most beautiful country in the Eastern Sierras, with that beauty comes rough terrain at times.

This is why we match every horse or mule with a rider that fits both personality and animal size. We have both horses and mules as guest mounts, the guide will match each person with their mount.


All rides are at a walking pace with no passing the person in front of you unless so instructed by the guide. All riders are asked to be conscious of and avoid unnecessary movement, excessive loud sounds, or mishandling of their mount. Any rider who intentionally breaks these rules and endangers the group will be asked to dismount the animal and return to the station on foot.



  1. Our weight limit is 225 lbs. / 102.58 kg. and it is non-negotiable.

  2. Our goal is to ensure a pleasurable ride for all our riders. When scheduling rides, we give notice of our weight restrictions and ask that everyone submit both their height and weight so that an appropriate horse can be matched to the rider.

  3. Because of the factors listed below, it might be necessary to take a shorter trail ride, ride at a slower pace, or on less rugged terrain if a rider is heavy, of a restrictive age, or health.


Weigh-In Procedure

  • Any rider appearing to be over our weight limit will be asked if they would like to discuss possibilities for their ride.

  • If the rider is near 225 lbs., we will discuss ways to protect both the rider and the horse and ensure their safety. Methods include:​

    • Choosing a shorter trail ride.

    • Riding on more even terrain to avoid loss of balance to the rider and the horse.

    • Proper posture and balance.

    • Riding at slower speeds to avoid bouncing and impact with the saddle.

Imposing a weight restriction on riders is not a matter of prejudice against heavy persons. It is a matter of safety, and in the case of horses and riders, it is also a matter of the soundness and health of the horses involved. It goes without saying that extra lbs., especially if unbalanced, can make a huge difference to the horse. Too much weight can cause rub-sores from the saddle, strained muscles, and pinching of nerves. Permanent damage such as a "sway back" or deteriorated muscle function can even occur over time. There are several factors that limit the ability of horses to carry heavier persons.

  1. One is that the conformation, condition, and soundness of the individual horse are all very important factors: two horses of identical height and weight might have vastly different builds and weight-carrying abilities. 

  2. Another is that rider skill plays an important part - a 250 lb. rider who is fit, agile, skilled, and considerate can be easier for a horse to carry than a rider who is 120 lbs., unfit, clumsy, unskilled, and inconsiderate.


Backpack and Handbag Policy

Riders cannot carry bags on their person, riders will be provided with saddle bags or a pommel bag upon request to place their bag into. If the rider has a backpack, the pack can be tied behind the saddle. Each rider is limited to no more than one 10 lb. bag.


Age Limit

Children under the age of 7 are limited to a walk-and-lead in the yard at the guide’s discretion. Children under the age of 10 are limited to no more than a two-hour ride at the guide’s discretion. Any person with health issues that may interfere with riding ability may be limited at the guide’s discretion.

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