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Rainbow Pack Outfitters is proud to partner with All Mountain Outfitters to offer you a variety of guided fishing trips in the John Muir Wilderness!

We currently offer a number of packages at the lake of your choice, popular spots including Bluff Lake, Green Lake, Marie Louise, Long Lake, Bull Lake, Saddlerock Lake and Bishop Lakes.


Meet our Guide!

Richard Lancaster of All Mountain Outfitters is an experienced guide with a wealth of knowledge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.



Richard grew up hunting, fishing and exploring in the western Sierra. He was intrigued with fly fishing from a very young age and purchased his first fly rod at the age of 13. With no one to teach him he studied other anglers on the water and began teaching himself. Many years of solo back country hunting and fishing trips have taught him the importance and serenity of the mountains that he loves. Fast forward to 2018, Richard moved to Bishop with his wife and three daughters. He worked as a wildland fire fighter, but it was the water and the mountains that brought him to this wonderful valley. In all aspects of his life, he has always fallen into an instructional role. From his career as a fire captain, professional mountain biker to motorcycle racer, Husband and Father, He has always found a tremendous amount of enjoyment in instructing and teaching his love to others. So it’s no surprise that he has found himself guiding and instructing the art of fly fishing. He says there is no better enjoyment than to see the excitement in someone’s face when he has helped them create a new special memory. Come create that memory for yourself and enjoy a day in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Wilderness with Richard.

Single Day Trip

Starting at $875 and $525 per additional person.

Hurd Lake, Marie Louise, Bluff Lake, Green Lake, Treasure Lakes, Long Lake outlet.

3 Day Trip

Starting at $2200 and $1150 per additional.

All lakes listed are accessible.

Guided fishing trips start at 7 am on decided day, the last day of the trip, or for a single day trip, you leave the lake in time to be back at the station by 5 pm.

2 Day Trip

Starting at $1750 and $1050 per additional person.

All lakes listed are accessible.

4 Day Trip

Starting at $2650 and $1250 per additional.

All lakes listed are accessible.

Fishing gear is provided by the guide, you are only responsible for personal items, tent, and food. 

A pack animal is included to carry supplies.

Green Lake 

Approx. 11,054 Ft. Elevation.

Rainbow Trout 

3.1 miles from station


Bluff Lake

Approx. 10,523 Ft. Elevation.

Rainbow Trout

Situated on the hill above the green lake trail, Bluff Lake is easily missed if you are not looking for it. A beautiful lake surrounded in foliage and greenery, Bluff lake is approximately 2 miles from the pack station, accessible from either the rainbow trailhead or south lake trailhead. 



Tyee Lakes  

Approx. 11,000 Ft. Elevation. 

Lakes 4, 5 & 6 : Brook Trout (Char), Rainbow Trout 

Located on the east side of Table Mountain, Tyee Lakes is accessible from the Tyee trailhead. After taking the old highway to the trailhead, this approximate 5-mile trek is a steep climb up the mountainside, with beautiful views of coyote flats.



Treasure Lakes

Approx. 10,690 Ft. Elevation. 

Rainbow Trout, Rainbow-Golden Hybrid 

Treasure Lakes is nestled on the west side of Hurd Peak, accessible from the south lake trailhead on the treasure lakes trail. The lakes are 2.2 miles from the main bishop pass trail and have less traffic due to being off the main path. An approximate 4.7-mile ride from the pack station will put within casting distance of these shores.



Hurd Lake

Approx. 10,300 Ft. Elevation.

Rainbow Trout

This small secluded lake offers great camping spots far enough from the trail you are sure to have a peaceful trip. Accessible off the bishop pass trail out of south lake trailhead. Approximately 3 miles from the pack station.



Marie Louise Lake

Approx. 10,650 Ft. Elevation.

Brooke Trout (Char)

Marie Louise is accessible from the bishop pass trail out of the south lake trailhead. After branching from the main trail, a steep climb up the mountainside finishes the approximately 3.3-mile trek to this secluded lake.

Bull Lake

Approx. 10,788 Ft. Elevation.

Rainbow Trout

Bull Lake is located just before Long Lake, accessible from the Chocolate Lakes loop trail off of the bishop pass trail out of south lake trailhead. Bull Lake is partially fed from the outlet of Long Lake. The lake is approximately 4 miles from the pack station.

Long Lake

Approx. 10,750 Ft. Elevation.

Brook Trout (Char), Rainbow Trout, Browns

Long Lake is a popular lake that stretches for nearly a mile along the edge of the bishop pass trail out of the south lake trailhead. The east side of the lake is immediately accessible from the trail. The outlet is approximately a 4 mile ride from the pack station.

Chocolate Lakes 

Approx. 11,000 Ft. Elevation.

Brook Trout (Char) 

4.7 miles from station



Ruwau Lake

Approx. 11,050 Ft. Elevation.

 Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout (Char) 

5 miles from station



Margaret Lake

Approx. 10,970 Ft. Elevation. 

Brook Trout (Char)

5.2 miles from station


Spearhead Lake

Approx. 10,900 Ft. Elevation.

 Brook Trout (Char), Browns

5 miles from station


Timberline Tarns

Approx. 11,100 Ft. Elevation. 

Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout (Char) 

This small body of water feeds directly out of Saddlerock lake, and borders the bishop pass trail out of south lake trailhead. An easy walk up the trail from these shores will have you standing at the outlet of Saddlerock lake, a great body of water to fish alongside some of the bigger lakes. The tarns are approximately 6.2 miles from the pack station.



Saddlerock Lake

Approx. 11,170 Ft. Elevation. 

Brook Trout (Char)     

Saddlerock lake sites within a rock bowl in bishop basin, a large body of water with small rocky islands dotting the northern side. The lake is approximately a 6.5 mile trek from the pack station, up the bishop pass trail out of south lake trailhead. The eastern shore borders the trail, with tress boarding the northern shore, while the southern and wester shores remain mostly bare of foliage.  



Bishop Lakes

Approx. 11,200 Ft. Elevation. 

Brook Trout (Char) 

Nestled under the shadow of Bishop Pass and Mt. Agassiz, Bishop Lakes is unique in its turquoise coloring. The east point of the lake is easily accessible from the bishop pass trail out of the south lake trailhead. Approximately 7 miles of travel from the pack station will put you on the shores of this breathtaking lake.

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