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Packing School with Wilderness Primative living  

"I have been practicing outdoor survival skills for 12 years with a focus on primitive technology.  In this class we will make shelters, learn fire by friction, practice building small traps, rope making, primitive fishing techniques, and general discussion about what to do in a real life survival situation. On top of all that I'll bring a guitar and share some interesting tales."

           -Alex Heathen 

This course is set in the heart of the Eastern Sierra, and will be held at our pack station where you will get real life, hands on, skill building instruction on how to live primitively with basic tools off the land - skills that can be applied to your daily life, or in a survival situation. We will base our instructions out of the pack station with nature walks while Alex highlights native plants and what they can be used for. Each day you will enjoy meals prepared by our very own chef Shelly as you learn new skills, take hikes and practice the primitive living techniques that Alex teaches.


July 15th - 18th

We provide the food and the knowledge, you come with your preferred outdoor gear and a desire to learn.

Cost Per Student $1400

To reserve your spot in this course:

Call (760) 873-8877



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